Cairo 3A signs an exclusive partnership to distribute Driscoll’s berries to the local market

- The partership allows Cairo 3A Agricultural to distribute berries products in the local market with a plan to farm them in Egypt.

Within a designated framework to expand its product portfolio of crops and increase the company’s sales, Cairo 3A Agricultural Company – an affiliate of Cairo 3A group – announced the signing of a partnership contract with Driscoll’s International Company. Driscoll’s is the world’s leading company in cultivating, producing & exporting blackberries, blueberries, raspberriesberries and strawberries. Under the partnership agreement, Cairo 3A Agricultural will be the sole representative for the marketing and sales of these goods in the Egyptian market.

Delivering a variety of new and distinguished products that suit the different tastes of Egyptians is one of Cairo 3A Agricultural’s intents through signing this partnership. This also comes in line with the country’s directives to establish partnerships with major international companies and encourage attracting foreign investments to Egypt.
Driscoll’s International Company granted the exclusive partnership to Cairo 3A Agricultural on the grounds of its distinguished experience in producing and distributing fruits and vegetables to the Egyptian and global markets.

“We are pleased to sign a partnership contract with Driscoll’s International Company, which is considered the largest producer of berries of all kinds in the world, with a 70% market participation,” announced Mr. Ali El-Gamil, CEO of Cairo 3A Agricultural Company. “Driscoll’s is cultivated in 21 countries and marketed across more than 60 countries in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. That’s why winning the exclusive partnership will help us penetrate many new distribution channels in the local market and increase the volume of products we distribute, especially fruits of various kinds.”

El-Gamil unveiled that the agreement includes a plan to export strawberry products by Cairo 3A Agricultural to different distribution areas handled by Driscoll’s worldwide. This will contribute to placing Egypt on the global map for the cultivation of some specialized types of fruits, and will also grant transferring investors’ destinations to invest in the Egyptian agricultural market.

He also stated that it was mutually agreed to reach a 300 million EGP volume of cooperation during the first year, whether from distributing Driscoll’s products in the Egyptian market or exporting Cairo 3A Agricultural’s strawberry products through Driscoll’s distribution network across the globe. With an optimistic plan to exceed the barrier of EGP1 billion by the fifth year. Cairo 3A aims to obtain a 50% market share of berries sales in the local market in 2023, provided that it exceeds 90% by 2028.

“We identified the major companies operating in the local market and studied them thoroughly to choose the one that will contribute to supporting our vision, Cairo 3A Agricultural was the most suitable company to match our standards,” said Mr. Shadi Fayed, Managing sales and key accounts of Driscoll’s in the Middle east and North Africa. “Driscoll’s vision is to consolidate its position all over the world, serving a larger number of customers, and creating many new delightful moments for consumers, through consuming berries. Cairo 3A Agricultural Company gained our trust due to its long experience in the Egyptian market, its production of a wide range of high-quality fruits, and its great storage and distribution capabilities to many different distribution channels in the Egyptian market.”

Romain contat, regional head of driscolls, added that providing all kinds of berry products at reasonable prices to all consumers and supplying them to all relevant outlets is the company’s primary goal.

Cairo 3A Agricultural Company is one of the largest companies operating in producing and distributing fruits and vegetables in the Egyptian market. It owns 2,500 acres in Wadi El-Natrun to grow several crops, a packing station with a production capacity of 120 tons per day that includes 6 packing lines, and one of the largest cold storage facilities in the Middle East and Africa with a capacity of 6.6 pallets to ensure that fresh fruits and vegetables remain of high quality. The facility also includes: 3 cold rooms, 2 freezer rooms, 2 pre-cooling units, and 1 quick-freezing tunnel, in addition to the Qutof, concentrates factory, which operates with an annual production capacity of 12 thousand tons. The company is one of the largest companies exporting fruits and concentrates in Egypt and exports its products to more than 40 countries around the world.

Cairo 3A Agricultural and Animal Production was established in 1981 in Egypt, to become a leading company in the Egyptian market in trading and manufacturing agricultural commodities. The gigantic group provides the necessary logistical support to its customers, including shipping, unloading, storage, and transportation. Since its inception, and through an advanced and innovative integrated system, Cairo 3A managed to provide the highest specifications to its customers.
Cairo 3A Agriculture Company provides integrated service involving a full range of fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables. Cairo 3A Agriculture and Animal Production sells a wide range of high-quality products, including pureed fruits and non-concentrated juices, which are being traded under the Qutof brand. Using the highest quality standards and the latest technologies, the company produces its crops to ensure quality and traceability.