Nakheel Developments participates in “??? ???????? ????” in Riyadh with special units in “Double Two Tower” project




Nakheel Developments intends to participate with special offers on distinctive units in Double Two Tower project, among “??? ???????? ????” exhibition,

which will be launched in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from 10 to 12 November.


Wassim Ouda, Head of the Commercial Sector at Nakheel Developments, said that the company plans to market its project inside and outside Egypt, by participating in strong exhibitions that gained the client’s confidence, pointing that “The Investor Expo” is launched under the auspices of the Ministry of Housing Utilities and Urban Communities, which enhances confidence in the exhibition and the participating companies.


He added that presenting special offers on the projects participating in the exhibition introduces an opportunity for clients to seize them, especially during the current period that is witnessing an increasing demand for buying real estate, as it is a safe haven for investment and a strong saving vessels to preserve the value of clients money.


He pointed out that the company, during its participation in the exhibition, presents special offers on Double Two Tower project, which include a down payment starting from 5% and the rest in installments up to 10 years, in addition to discounts up to 10% for Egyptians residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is expected that the exhibition will have a strong turnout, according to its distinguished launching time and place.



He explained that Double Two Tower project  includes a commercial, administrative, and hotel units, which is located on a total area of ​​​​9000 square meters, and the commercial part occupies the ground and first floors on an area of ​​​​4000 square meters, representing about 45% of the total area of ​​the project.


He noted that the rest of the repeated floors on an area of ​​1540 square meters for each role, which represents 15% of the project’s total area, which will be operated under the supervision of Time Hotels for hospitality service to manage the Hotel apartments, EFS for Facilities services to manage the Commercial and Administrative Management, and Mimar Engineering Consultancy.